Lacrimosa wins Bam

Lacrimosa, my Cannes Residence Project is heading towards Locarno after winning at BAM(Bogotá Audiovisual Market),  to be pitched by it's colombian producer Jorge Botero at the Locarno Festival’s Industry Days.




akademie der autodidakten21. Juni 2014, 19:00 Uhr
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Für das Projekt Refugee Strike & Beyond haben fünf junge Männer des Protestcamps am Oranienplatz gemeinsam mit den FilmemacherInnen Llaima Sanfiorenzo und Simon Paetau zwischen Januar und April 2014 fünf Kurzfilme realisiert. Die jungen Filmemacher vom O-Platz drehten Filme von der ersten Liebe, Party, der Kälte im Camp, Zugehörigkeit, Residenzpflicht, Arbeit und Rebellion. Ihre filmischen Produktionen rangieren formal zwischen Dokumentation und Inszenierung und erzählen aus der Perspektive der jungen Männer von ihren Realitäten und Wünschen in Berlin.

Im Anschluss findet ein Publikumsgespräch mit den Beteiligten auf Englisch und Französisch statt. 


For the project Refugee Strike & Beyond, five inhabitants of the protest camp at Oranienplatz and the filmmakers Llaima Sanfiorenzo and Simon Paetau realised five short films between January and April 2014. The protagonists, who came to Berlin from Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire via Lampedusa, developed and dramatised stories about first love, parties, the cold weather in the camp, belonging, mandatory residence, work and rebellion. Formally, the film productions range from documentaries to dramas and relate the realities of the young men in Berlin from different perspectives.

The screening is followed by a discussion in English and French with the participants.

A project by akademie der autodidakten at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, funded by Berlin Project Fund Cultural Education.

Retrospective Cinemateca Distrital Colombia

Restrospective of my three shortfilms "Lua Verde, Posh y Mila Caos" in Medellin, Cali, Bogota y Barranquilla.

What is queer today is not queer tomorrow

Exhibition, Events

14 June – 10 August 2014

Florian Aschka, Stephanie Ballantine, Amber Bemak, Black Cracker, Denial Cremer, Eduardo Conceição & Romy Kießling & Michaela Muchina, Morty Diamond, Alex Giegold & Tomka Weiß, Emma Haugh, Evan Ifekoya, Ins A Kromminga, Ligia Manuela Lewis, Özgür Erkök Moroder, Ismael Ogando, Marit Östberg, Eshan Rafi, Raju Rage, Tucké Royale & Katharina Kummer, Aykan Safoğlu, Daniel Santiago, FranzKa Schuster & Jannik Franzen, Michael V Smith, Solange, tô aberta!, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Juan Soto & Chiara Marañon, Rein Vollenga, ZANA

The exhibition What is Queer Today is Not Queer Tomorrow explores the theme of queer temporality. The project responds to debates within queer milieus (lesbian, gay, trans*, intersex-, etc.) and to the increasing integration of queer ways of life into the political mainstream. The nGbK becomes an explicit venue of experience, confrontation, reflection, lingering, exchange and departure.

What is ‘queer?’ What was perhaps once queer – and what has been omitted from this framework? What could queer be? The exhibition raises questions about community, identity, visibility and sex; it opens up postcolonial perspectives and tales of lesbian-gay-trans*-bi-inter-queer stories, hair, bodies, porn and capitalism. During the eight-week exhibition, artists will intervene in the white cube of the nGbK. Selected works will enter the space over time or be developed in an ongoing process that visitors can accompany.

Performances will take place at weekly intervals, the documentations of which will also become part of the exhibition space. 

What is Queer Today is Not Queer Tomorrow has been conceived and organised by the (heidy) collective, an nGbK project group, which consists of persons working with performance, theory video, text and images – some are people of color, some are identified as cis- or trans-, some are gay or lesbian, some are not.

More information and updates on the events

Friday 13th June 2014, 19h, 
Opening + Party

nGbK project goup "heidy":
Derrick Hercules Amanatidis, Kaciano Barbosa Gadelha, Anna Bromley,Luce deLire, zoya, Debra Kate, Adriell Kopp, Laura Paetau, Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Luc Reboullet


Dear All,

I am part of the heidy collective, who is realizing an exhibition this summer at NGBK in Berlin, we still receive applications till the 9th of march. Apply!

Cruising in High Heels

coming soon….